Surprise! Meghan McCain Defends Sarah Palin


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Meghan McCain Defends Sarah Palin

Meghan McCain, John McCain’s progressive Republican daughter, has not been overly generous with her comments regarding Governor Palin in the past. That is why it was somewhat of a surprise when she came to the defense of her father’s 2008 running mate, which she did in a Wednesday interview with Larry King.

King asked the elder McCain daughter if her dad had made a mistake selecting then Governor Palin of Alaska to join him on the GOP presidential ticket in the campaign against Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Meghan MacCain’s response probably wasn’t the answer the longtime talk show host expected to hear.

“No I don’t believe so,” she replied. “My father could have had Jesus Christ as his running mate and it wouldn’t have mattered.”

She also said that the media “annihilated” Gov. Palin because she is a strong woman.

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