The Era Of Sarah Palin Has Begun Like It Or Not


I have never understood why in order to push one’s candidate you have to try to destroy another. Perhaps that is the best summary I can think of when I look at how Erik Erickson, Laura Ingraham, Karl Rove, and Ann Coulter (among others) who have lately begun playing the same “the right is getting tired of Sarah Palin” tune. Really? How do they come to this realization? Sarah Palin gave a rousing speech in Indianola, Iowa on Saturday September 3rd, 2011 to a huge crowd whom chanted “Run Sarah Run” during her speech. Then in Manchester New Hampshire two days later, she gave another exciting and in depth speech to a crowd of 600 to 800 people which was sponsored by the Tea
Party Express. Let me ask you if the right was tired of Sarah Palin would they show up to her rallies? My answer to that is no. Ann Coulter is angry because Sarah Palin is getting more media attention than her and more attention than her fantasy/dream candidate Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey.

Another thing that is going on here is that Sarah Palin is making these decisions on her own time not when Ann Coulter or Erik Erickson wants her too not to mention Karl Roves timeline. You see, Sarah Palin is loved by the Tea Party and she has 3.2 million supporters on Facebook. Sarah Palin has not led her supporters on unlike say, Rick
Perry who originally said no several times and then had a change of mind. Sarah Palin in the meantime has never said yes or no in regards to running. You see she has consistently told the media and her supporters that “I am not ready to make an announcement.” Sarah Palin however has said she will make an announcement before the deadline to
declare by the end of September. It is now September 8th, 2011 and all the media and her supporters have to do is wait till September 30th, 2011.

In the meantime, you have people like Ann Coulter who are hypocrites -in Ann’s case, she says Sarah Palin needs to make her intentions known while she still wants Chris Christie to enter the race but she has not mentioned a similar timeline for him. All I ask from conservatives and Republicans is to be fair to Sarah Palin just like
people like Ann Coulter have been fair to the Chris Christies of the party. I am not asking non Palin supporters to fawn over Gov. Palin I just want them to be consistent. I personally do not know what the rush is for Sarah Palin to enter now as the deadline is not tomorrow.

After last nights Republican candidates debate, there were no clear cut winners not to mention to many candidates that were not asked as many questions as Rick Perry or Mitt Romney. The end result is a lot of candidates last night were lost in the shuffle.

Saturday September 3rd, 2011 in Iowa, Sarah Palin not only gave a great speech she outlined her 5 point economic plan which before her only former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty to my knowledge put forth a economic plan of his own. Governor Palin has constantly spoke out against the Democrats and Obama. I did not see any of the current
candidates stand up in 2010 and endorse 70 Republicans for house and senate races. Actually, Sarah Palin has put her butt on the line for this party. Her family has been followed and people have gone through her trash and her emails as Governor of Alaska was sought after. Sarah Palin through all this showing nothing but strength, courage and grace while being subjected to mockery and ridicule by people like Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Erik Erickson, and Karl Rove.

I would like to see if any of these four people were treated like Sarah Palin would they be able to handle it? Sarah Palin has flourished and thrived through all the bull that both sides have put her through yet she has not once called anyone names unlike the way many in the Republican party have. If any of these four would bother
to stop listening to the Beltway pundits, maybe they would actually like her. And for the naysayers, be careful in what you ask for. If and when Sarah Palin gets in, their favorite candidates would find the game changing yet again. Ask yourselves when Coulter, Erickson, Ingraham, and Rove criticize Palin and say she has no place in the
primaries whom are they wanting to win the nomination for the Republicans.

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, I never understood why in order to push ones candidate you have to try to destroy another. After all should the nomination process be left to the voters in the Republican party not the Beltway pundits? To listen to the latter sorts, you would think their attitude is that they pick the candidates
not the voters. Otherwise, why would pundits like Ingraham (Romney), Erickson (Perry), Coulter (Christie), or Rove (?) care whether or not Sarah Palin were to run for president? Think about that every time you read another article from any of them which discusses what the former Alaska governor may or may not do in 2012!

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  • Standing4Liberty

    Another thing that irritates Coulter, Rove, Morris, et al, is the fact that Gov Palin does not ask for their advice or assistance.

    • anna

      Yes great point that bothers them also.

  • Cheryl

    Sarah is like a garden…….the more manure they throw on her, the stronger she grows.

  • Albert Wien

    Coulter et. al are being disingenuous . What they're really trying to tell their viewers is "I knew Palin was an idiot from the beginning, but I had to wait three years to be able to say it".

    • Coulter, et. al want a conventional, establishment candidate.