The Lady Who Made the Sun Shine


by Lynda Armstrong, Sarah Palin…The Teacher’s Daughter


It is hard to believe that it has been two years since a group of people got on a bus as strangers, but with one prayer became family. We each made sure the others were okay or just took care of each other if anyone needed anything. We were willing to sit on a bus for over 14 hours, because we knew at the end of the long ride we would hear hope and truth. We knew the lady we call Sarah would in her way tell us that all is not lost. As long as we stand tall, America will still be “the shining city on the hill”.

We arrived in Iowa, checked into our motel and ate a bit of food, feeling a tired that almost felt good. It was not so good that we did not take naps. There was an excitement that I think we all felt. We knew late that evening we were going to a dinner with others from C4P and O4P. Oh, I had heard the rumor that Sarah and Todd might be there. Now, you go take a nap knowing in about five hours you might get to see and meet the lady who could make the sun come out.

I met some people in the lobby: people I had known just as a name on a computer screen. We spoke about some of the many things we had written. In a matter of minutes there was a family feeling the room.

The time had come and we were on the bus heading to the Machine Shed Restaurant with hope that the rumor we had heard was true. I walked in and saw a young man who works for Sarah. Then, I knew it was true. I walked over and we talked for a minute. We were allowed to find a seat at that point. By 7 PM or so, the room was beginning to fill up. I got to meet some neat people who all were there because three years ago, we had crossed the Rubicon with Sarah. We had not wavered. She had our support.


As many have said, you knew when she arrived. Everything stopped. The media was trying to get their pictures. We had seen them filming as we arrived at the restaurant. There were so many of us in the room. I ceded my space to many people around Sarah. I wanted two things for myself. I had the outline of a Palin document with me, I wanted her to see it and sign it…I had my T-Shirt on that Missy Stewart had designed and I wanted Sarah to sign it also. I am donating the shirt to a right-to-life group here in Roswell to auction off at their next fundraiser. My prayers were answered. I saw an opening and I took it.


First I talked with Todd. Sarah was talking with some people at a table, but standing right next to me as she finished talking and went to turn I tapped her on the shoulder. We talked four to five minutes. Sarah did a fast read of the outline. She liked all the information, especially the sections of her accomplishments as governor and why she had to resign. We talked about how important those two subjects were. I also told her about the help I had compiling it, because I had sent an e-mail to people I respected. Some were from Alaska, others from C4P and O4P. I told her who proofread the document. Sarah said, “Oh, she’s great. Thank you all for your help.” Thank you Adrienne Ross for proofing because we all know I cannot spell. Sarah signed the T-shirt and the outline…then I felt a tap on my shoulder … it was Todd saying “I hate to do this but there are others waiting.” So, my time with the lady who can make the sun shine ended.

My night did not end there. I found Karen Allen and her family. She was one person I really wanted to meet. We got to talking. I looked up and noticed that the people from the bus were no longer in the restaurant …the bus had left but I was not by myself. Jelayne and Eric were also there but there was as lady with a rented car…so off we went to a not so good part of town to get tattoos for Eric. Sarah Palin is now on his arm for the rest of his life. We had a lot of laughs then returned to the motel.


Saturday we were back on that bus that says ‘TEXAS IS PALIN COUNTRY” and rode it to a Field of Dreams. We were told it could rain, but they did not say if it would be just a shower. We soon found out what it would be. It was a big downpour. We just sat or stood and got wet. As the event started, there was not a dry spot on me and most of the people around me. Martha Cano was sitting behind me, and every time another person came on I would make some smart mouth comment like, “I am drowning here. Put Sarah on,” or “they sing okay…put Sarah on,” and few other things. I looked back once and it looked like Martha was laughing. I thought, “oh, I do not think I am impressing her,” but then it happened. The announcer said, “here she is: Sarah Palin.” She is what we had sat through the rain for. The rain stopped. The sun came out. We heard from the lady who made the sun shine. Forgetting how wet we were, we listened. We shouted, “Run Sarah Run” or just, “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.”

We listened as she told us we were not celebrating red America or blue America…but a red, white and blue America. We found out polls were for strippers or cross-country skiers. She told us she was going to speak the truth today and she did. We listened as she said “this is my plan,” then she listed five things she would do:

  1. Enforce the 10th Amendment
  2. Repeal ObamaCare
  3. Prioritize and cut spending
  4. It time for America to become an energy super power.
  5. Make America the most attractive and competitive place to do business.

Natalie Nichols wrote in Natalie Nichol’s Palin Shines Through the Rain.

Take Lynda Armstrong, for example, who made the trip from Roswell, New Mexico. Lynda will be giving a couple of presentations in the coming weeks, one to the Toastmasters and the other to a Women’s Republican Club in Roswell. She met with Governor Palin who took the time to look at her outline and was impressed with her accuracy. “She actually took the time to look over what I put together, and seemed very interested in the parts of my outline that referenced her record as governor, and why she left.” Lynda said, “That’s one the highlights of my presentation because many of the people I meet are still unaware of her outstanding accomplishments as Governor.”

If you want to read the full comment see the original Breitbart article: Natalie Nichol’s Palin Shines Through the Rain


Like all of Gov. Palin’s events I have gone to, it is over way too fast. I was not going go to the rope line because there were others who did not get a hug or a handshake like I had the night before. As I turned to go back up, the crowd was coming down. So there I was right on the rope line. I got a hug. There is and old saying: “I was in hog heaven all week-end.”

I want to thank all of those who I rode the bus with. You became family. We will stand together in the wet sands on the shore of the Rubicon as we support the lady who can make the sun shine. God Bless you.

Oh, for the ones who helped me up after I tripped over the rope, I did go to the doctor and I did mess my knee up. Thank for all your help.

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