The Night before Her Speech


I am at the conference and can tell you first hand that Governor Palin’s supporters are not hard to spot— pins, hats, t-shirts — dotted throughout the crowd grew by the number as the day went from morning to noon and from noon to night. One woman was carrying a life-size cut-out of Governor Palin and a crowd immediately surrounded her and asked to take photos with the cut-out. I walked over and announced, “Well, Sarah’s here now we can get this party started”, to which the small crowd responded with peels of laughter. Governor Palin’s supporters are giddy with excitement about her speech tomorrow and rightly so as I believe she has the right message for the right time in our country.

A funny reference was made to Governor Palin’s “poor man’s teleprompter”. J.C. Watts was speaking and said he was trying to remember an illustration but had forgotten to go back and put it in his notes. Someone yelled out, “Well you should have written it on your hand”, and as you can imagine, the place went crazy clapping and cheering. For the record, there is not a teleprompter in the room… the words spoken are from the heart.

The best sound byte of the night was delivered by Mary Matelin who said about the conference and it’s timing on the eve of the 2010 elections, “It’s not a southern thing, it’s an American thing.

I will share more as the weekend continues and post my thoughts on Governor Palin’s speech and photos here at US4P.

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