The Wall That Heals


by Lynda Armstrong, The Teacher’s Daughter…a Tribute to Sarah Palin

This story is in honor of those who serve and those who have served. It is about the respect they give the Flag, how they stand tall when the National Anthem is played, and how they cry when one of their own is lost. We as a nation need to honor them, because Freedom is not Free.


American flags reflect off the Traveling Veterans Memorial Wall


Veterans pay their respects at Traveling Veterans Memorial Wall

On July 4, 2010 the church I attended brought in The Traveling Veterans Memorial Wall to Roswell, New Mexico….This is the same Traveling Wall that was in Buckeye, Arizona on May 9, 2013 where former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin honored our men and women in uniform. As I looked around I saw men and women who had served with honor in a war that no one had said, “thank you.” I saw as the Colors were presented…listened as the National Anthem was sung, looked around and saw tears as they softly fell from the eyes of those that no one had ever said, “thank you for your service.” What were those people thinking as they listened? Did they see a friend’s face who did not come home? Were they thinking of a nation that had not cared?


Fallen Heroes…

Our flag was there flying in the wind. A gust of wind began to knock the flag down. A lady screamed and ran to keep it from touching the ground. The speaker then told a story about a young man who had told him what the flag meant to him. But for me I was thinking about what I had read about the night and the day Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem. It was said that the British had attacked the flag as it flew over Fort McHenry. Key was asked, “what is wrong with these people? All they have to do is lay the Flag down.” As the morning came, the Flag was still flying the pole bent and the flag in tatters from the night before. What was found at Fort McHenry was the blood of patriots. Each had taken their turn to hold the pole knowing they would die, but also knowing the flag would remain flying and never touch the ground. The British did not understand this, and I feel today there are a lot of us who don’t understand why a lady would run to catch the flag so it would not touch the ground.


A Veteran in mourning at the Traveling Wall

The program went on….A man of God stood and told of his father who had died of Agent Orange poisoning. As he began to talk about the father who never complained, he told us through his tears that when his father was dying he was asked if he regretted his service to his country. He said “never.” Taps was played, tears dried and the day went on. I pray lessons were learned for the young, and I pray healing for those who gave so much: those patriots who never heard the words “Thank You.”


Veterans holding American Flags at the Traveling Wall

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