Todd Palin, Dakota Meyer to Race in 2017 Iron Dog


Todd Palin has joined the early bird roster for the 2017 Iron Dog race with his son-in-law Dakota Meyer as his partner.

This past March, Palin was involved in a near-fatal snowmachine crash on a routine run that took place two weeks after the 2016 Iron Dog finished. His injuries included among others: 14 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a broken shoulder. Palin broke one of his arms in the 2008 Iron Dog race.


For the past two years, Palin raced Polaris snowmachines with partners Scott Davis and Tyler Huntington. His team scratched out in Nenana this year and finished 9th in 2015, with very little snow on the ground. Huntington retired for severe injuries to his hips and pelvis sustained in a training accident.

Palin used a Ski Doo snowmachine in 2013 and 2014 and Arctic Cat from 1999 through 2012. Palin and Meyer have not decided which snowmachine they will use as this goes to press.

Palin was the subject of a joint exclusive US for Palin / Lead Dog Alaska interview in 2015.

He is a four-time Iron Dog Champion. He placed between second and fifth eight times making him an eight-time winner as well.

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  • Todd has been healed

  • Training up the next generation. I have followed Todd for the last several years and see him as a HUGE ambassador of the Iron Dog at this point. His roll has changed from racing hard for the win to raising up young ones to carry on the traditions of this “Great Exceptional Nation.” He is a wonderful example of what it is to be a servant/leader.

  • Wow. I wasn’t sure he would race after the bad accident he had earlier this year