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“First Dude” Todd Palin, husband of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today discussed with LaDonna Hale Curzon, Host and Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio why he will be on the new NBC reality show Stars Earn Stripes.

“It’s a fierce, emotionally charged, intense new reality show that will engage celebrity contestants in a competition like no other. I mean, we’ve got eight celebrity contestants and eight military ops. We join up with one of the ops and each week, there’s a competition, and each week somebody is eliminated, but it’s all to raise money for veteran, military, and first responder-based charities, so that’s why I’m involved,” Palin said.

If Palin wins, his proceeds will go to Armed Services YMCA Alaska.

“They’re there 365, 24 x 7 for our military families in Alaska through the good and the bad, and they’ve got several locations throughout Alaska. But, they also have the largest combat fishing [contest in Seward, Alaska, usually every May]. Sport-fishing charter boats give their time up for that day and have a couple a hundred Iraq vets down there fishing. I fished with them a couple of years ago. It’s something else when you’re fishing with an Iraq vet probably from another state who’s never went out fishing before and they hook on to a halibut. The smile on their face is just incredible. You can’t put a value on that happiness,” Palin said.

The certificated private pilot and four-time Iron Dog Champion who said he “likes to live life in the fast lane” shot a .50 caliber WWI era machine gun and jumped out of helicopters rappelling into buildings and water for the series. “To hang out with Navy SEALS, Delta Force operators and police and fire, first responders is a true honor,” Palin said, adding that it’s “kind of scary jumping out of helicopters but at least, we’re not being shot at like our military men and women,” which includes his and Gov. Sarah Palin’s son Track, who is deployed in Afghanistan. “This show is just a tiny little bit of what are men and women are doing for us every day. This show is going to shed light on our finest who save lives and defend our freedom every day,” Palin said.

“Mark Burnett is one of the producers for the show and working with him on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, just the utmost respect for him. All his products are so successful, and when I was asked [I wanted to know who’s involved], and of course I asked Sarah and I also asked Track and they both encouraged me to participate and support the cause. And that’s why I jumped aboard with Stars Earn Stripes,” Palin said.

The show, which will debut Aug. 13, will be hosted by the former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe for NATO General Wesley Clark (Ret.) and will feature complicated and difficult missions inspired by real, military exercises.

As reported by Josh Painter:

The full list of competitors includes boxing champion Ali (who’ll compete for Military Child Education Coalition); “Lois & Clark” star Cain (competing for the Wounded Warrior Project); Crews (playing for the Pat Tillman Foundation); Palin (whose charity is the Armed Services YMCA Alaska); singer Nick Lachey (competing for the Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation); Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street (playing for Hiring Our Heroes); “The Biggest Loser” trainer Dolvett Quince (playing for Got Your 6); and WWE diva Eva Torres (competing for the USO).

Stars Earn Stripes debuts with a two-hour special on August 13.

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