Tony Lee: Palin return to Fox News will be mutually beneficial


At Breitbart News, Tony Lee comments on Gov. Palin rejoining Fox News as a contributor:

Palin Fox News 1 photo palin-fox-news-1_zps17a26696.jpg

In January, Palin declined Fox News’s offer to renew her contract. But because she has always been ahead of the curve in using social media to get her message out to the public, Palin’s influence did not diminish. Unlike establishment Republicans, Palin has never been ashamed of the conservative and Tea Party grassroots and has always embraced the conservative base. This was evident when Palin gave her first interview to Breitbart News in January after her separation from Fox News.

Her savvy use of social media and embrace of new media outlets and conservatives allowed her to remain more than relevant and influential during the time she was gone from Fox News.

According to a Politico analysis, Palin “still garnered much of the same coverage in the first four months of this year as she did in 2012” without a Fox News contract:

From January 2012 to May 2012, Palin received 223 mentions in newspapers; 69 in Web-based publications, such as,, POLITICO and; 563 in blogs; and her name appeared in 46 news transcripts, for a total of 901 mentions. During the same period this year, in her post-Fox News life, Palin’s still very much in the conversation, with 118 mentions in newspapers, 55 in Web-based publications, 726 in blogs and 12 in news transcripts, for a total of 911 mentions, and she also wrote an op-ed for the conservative website Breitbart.

The move will be mutually beneficial for both parties, for it once again merges the most dominant network in cable television with the most influential figure to Tea Party conservatives–who is also a guaranteed ratings draw.

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