Trig Palin at Five


By Adrienne Ross –

It’s hard to imagine that Trig Palin is five years old today. My, how time flies! Trig is a precious little boy who has brought the Palins incredible joy and inspired a nation.

Governor Palin has transparently discussed the range of emotions she went through upon learning that her son would be born with Down syndrome. There was so much she didn’t know. She didn’t think she could handle a special needs child. She worried about his future. As always, she took her feelings of uncertainty and insecurity to God, Who helped her wrap her brain and heart around this new season of her life. And now she cannot imagine a day without Trig. No one in the family can. Trig Palin is the joy of their lives!

And he’s cute, too!

Via Facebook, Governor Palin posted two pictures of Trig, here and here, and wrote:

Pretty spring day to celebrate Trig’s 5th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Trig, and God bless you abundantly! The best is yet to come, little man!

My sole motivation? The TRUTH!

I am a Christian, a teacher, and a Palin-Conservative

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