Trump Will Kick ISIS’ Ass Sarah Palin Says in Tulsa



Trump Tulsa Rally Had 20,000 – 5,000 turned Away for Fire Code

“GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a massive campaign Rally in Tulsa, OK with Governor Sarah Palin at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University. There were an estimated 15,000 in attendance, roughly 5,000 had to be turned away due to fire code.”


Trump Will Kick ISIS’ Ass Sarah Palin Says in Tulsa

As I watch Sarah Palin, her words were the same that we have heard over the past seven years. Sarah spoke about the establishment and their dependence on other people’s money. She discussed the military, and at that point talked about her son and how those who serve are coming back changed and hardened. She discussed the need for a commander-in-chief who would never leave anyone behind and would take care of those who serving and had served. She talked about ISIS and said Trump as commander-in-chief would kick ISIS’ ass.

As I listened to Sarah’s word, I had the same thought as I did after reading Sweet Freedom, Sarah is Still Sarah.



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  • I cant believe she is supporting Trump.She is on my fake list now.

  • Sarah hasn’t changed in any way. What Trump is saying now is the same as Sarah has been saying over the last eight years. Sarah’s goal is to save our country and will support whoever is in the best position to help make that happen. I support Sarah even when I don’t always understand why she makes certain decisions. Look at her record and not only what she has accomplished on her own but also the predictions she has made that have come true. She doesn’t always get the credit but a true supporter will follow what she has been doing and saying and will recognize it when it happens.

  • We have elected politicians for decades and the outcome is a 19 Trillion Dollar Debt that We The People owe. Time for a successful business Man. Trump 2016

  • Sarah can support whomever she chooses but i will never support her again.