SEE IT – Sarah Palin: Would Love to See Two Women Run in 2016


Sarah Palin – Love to See Two Women Run in 2016

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told Charissa Thompson, ExtraTV she would love to see two women run – one on each side of the aisle – in 2016. In response to Thompson’s question about being ready for Hillary Clinton as a Democratic nominee, Gov. Palin said, “I would love to see a woman on both sides of the aisle shooting for that top spot.”

On her own future, Sarah Palin said “2016 is a long time away… that’s a big darn deal when it comes to family.” Though Sarah Palin said she would love to see two women run for President in 2016, she won’t divulge her intentions for at least the near future. On the GOP side, the list of women who could run is short. Very short.

Thompson interviewed Sarah Palin as she was horseback riding at the Priefert Ranch, and taping a segment for the second season of Amazing America. “There’s so much to show… we’re going to focus a lot on those who are reaching out and helping others. We’re going to showcase a lot of these people who can inspire others to get out there and live vibrantly,” she said. The second season of Sportsman Channel’s Amazing America begins airing January 15, 2015.

When asked if she would be interested in joining The View, Sarah Palin told Thompson she would have fun highlighting issues, but would want to keep the focus positive. She has no desire to “bicker across a table or on a panel.”

She said her family is often a liberal target but is “not wired to sit down and shut up.”

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  • Hopefully you will be one of them.

    • We hope so. As I wrote above – the list on the Republican side is very short. You can count the names on one hand – and have four fingers left over….but I would caution against assuming that means she will run.

  • Wow . Its like saying if Hillary or EW run , She’s in .

  • Sara Palin….please!

  • PALIN for PRESIDENT 2016! Amen

  • I’d rather a smart person run.

  • PALIN for the Conservative and who for the dumb Democrats ?