US for Palin Launches Fund-Raiser to Complete Alaska Tourism Survey


The Palinista community is probably familiar with a survey I launched to determine former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s influence on tourism to Alaska. The survey was launched following the release of Anecdotes: Gov Palin Brings Average of $6,958 per Tourist to Alaska.

The project began when I met Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr. in New York City to have a copy of Our Sarah: Made in Alaska signed.

The survey was first released to our community and to Free Republic. Once I had a baseline to work with, the next step was to sample the general public. I started with paid panels on Survey Monkey, then moved the project to Ask Your Target Market. I currently have 190 responses, of whom 97 have been to Alaska and 93 have not. Trends in the data suggest that the survey needs to focus exclusively on people who have traveled to Alaska. To be statistically valid within a /-5% margin of error, responses from 300 people who have traveled to Alaska are needed. Ask Your Target Market allows you to pre-qualify respondents in the manner this project requires, but it is very expensive.

I have invested nearly $300 of my own money into the survey and $1,500 is needed to complete it. I am asking for the support of the Palinista community to help me complete this survey so I can present the Heaths with a valid and professional data set.

I have launched a crowd-funding effort via GoFundMe. You can see the widget at the uppermost part of the right sidebar on US for Palin.

Sponsors at any amount will be acknowledged on US for Palin and syndicate sites. Those who sponsor at $100 or more will receive the acknowledgement and a copy of Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, signed by the authors, Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr. – father and brother of Gov. Palin.

Within hours of the launch, the fund-raising effort has already received sponsorships. Special thank you to our first sponsors: Frabk Camp and Misty Harris.

Thank you for your support.

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