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GOP County Committee – Devito

With the backing of both American Grizzlies United and the Richmond County Tea Party Patriots I am running to be a GOP County Committee member here on Staten Island. Committee Member is a volunteer elective office that serves a two-year term.

Each Election District can have two Committee Members. Richmond County Tea Party Patriots Core Committee Member Dom D’Arrigo is running alongside me in this district and I gathered signatures for both our candidacies. Since the office is for a political party, the Primary Election is also the General Election. GOP County Committee members meet twice per year, though Tea Party Patriots – backed members, such as D’Arrigo and myself will be meeting once per month. The County Committee ratifies (or not) the candidates chosen by the GOP Executive Committee.


Walk lists and campaign literature for Devito for GOP County Committee

For many years, County Committee members had been merely rubber-stamping the Executive Committee’s candidate choices. This practice is key component to how the Republican Party got saddled with so many RINOs. This will not change until the rubber-stamping stops. As I wrote in my literature,

“I believe our candidates should adhere to these principles:”

  • The Constitution and all its Amendments is the supreme law of the land. The Constitution is absolutely not negotiable.
  • A Republican believes in limited government, low taxes, free markets, strong national defense, and a culture that promotes life and human dignity.
  • The candidate’s principal desire should be to serve We the People.

I continued…

If elected, I will only ratify candidates who follow the Constitution and adhere to the planks of our party’s platform. I will not go along to get along or bow to peer pressure by rubber-stamping the Executive Committee’s choices.

I will work to build our new first party from the bottom up as President Reagan called on us to do 38 years ago. I will work to ensure that our banner is Bold Colors – no pale pastels – and represents values that we will not compromise, regardless of whether it may be expedient, convenient, or earns the good will of elites in the GOP establishment.

If not now, when?

The Time for Choosing is Now.

Ordinary people can make a difference.

GOP County Committee candidates must gather signatures of 5% of the registered Republicans in the election district. For the 61st Assembly District, 10th Election District in which I am running, 103 voters are registered Republicans. To be safe, I gathered twice the required amount or 10 signatures in four hours over a two-day period.


Walk lists, designating petitions and campaign literature for Devito for GOP County Committee

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