Vets Ordinary Americans Doing the Extraordinary – Sarah Palin, CPAC


Vets Ordinary Americans Doing the Extraordinary – Sarah Palin, CPAC

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Dakota Meyer introduced former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. He said the military is .5% of the population.

“Dakota Meyer’s selfless service inspires us,” Gov. Palin began. Hearkening to George Washington’s Farewell Address to the Troops in 1783, “just days after the last British troops left our soil….Against all odds, they won freedom. ”

“With a heart full of love and gratitude I now take leave of you….”

Vets Ordinary Americans Doing the Extraordinary - Sarah Palin, CPAC

“From then till now, there has been a long line of historic vets from George Washington to Chris Kyle. Ordinary Americans equipped for extraordinary things have stepped forward.”

The War on Terror started with 9/11…And today was 22 years that the Twin Towers were attacked with a truck bomb.

Iraq and Afghanistan deployments are 45 months. WWII deployments were 6 months. Our vets are suffering a disproportionate unemployment rate. The long deployments lead to PTSD. Twenty three of our vets commit suicide every day.

“Few things are more difficult than to kiss a child goodbye knowing they are going into harm’s way. Our troops are promised that no one will be left behind on the battlefield.” She said no expense will should be spared to heal our wounded vets when they come home.

“This bureaucracy is killing our vets. They wait months, years to get treatment at the VA. The VA’s mistakes cost the lives of over 500 vets – not counting the suicides.” The VA spied on the investigators trying to get to the bottom of it.

“Our vets don’t whine. They’re not wired to complain. That’s why this ran under the radar for so long. It’s time to demand solutions.”


Gov. Palin’s solutions are:

  1. Vouchers for treatment outside the VA. Vets should be first in line for benefits, not illegal aliens.
  2. let vets use skills learned in the military to the private sector. Military certification should transfer over to the private sector on passing a test.
  3. Secure their benefits.

“Congress voted to cut vets’ retirement benefits by 20%. They did not cut their own?”

“Washington wished that his vets’ deeds would be recognized as glorious and honorable. Our vets deserve to know their sacrifices were not in vain.”

“It’s said old men declare wars and send young ones to fight them.”

It’s our duty to elect a commander in chief who understands their sacrifice.

“It’s time to eliminate politically correct rules of engagement.”

“Did we actually win in Iraq and Afghanistan before we waved the white flag?”

“The middle east is a death cult’s playland.” ISIS has taken over cities won in our wars. “Only in Egypt is Jihad in retreat.” Islamists were in retreat in ’09 when Obama took office. The rise of ISIS is a direct result of this administration’s refusual to heed the warning to leave residual forces. We are in a long-term civilizational struggle against evil. In the past, we fought with moral clarity. We defeated the Nazis and consigned Communism to dustbin of history.


ISIS threatened to behead Obama in the White House.

Calling the Islamic state not Islamic does not make it so. Lecturing Christians will not stop Islamists from killing them.

We will never submit to evil.

We will consign radical Islam to the ashbin of history.

We will not tolerate politicians who squander the lives of our military.

Jihadists fight out of hatred of women, Jews, diversity, and freedom.

We fight out of love.

We will honor General washington’s wish.

The only thing standing between us and these savages is the United States military.

She aked veterans and active duty stand and thanked them for their service.

Gov. Palin took questions, first a lightning round of three questions with one-word answers.

Obama – Sorry
Clinton – Sorry
Thatcher – Iron

The moderator asked her about Millennials in politics. “Folks in this room get it. Have that great love. Kids need to understand. ‘If there be trouble let it be in my day.’ Have to be willing to make sacrifices.”





Vets Ordinary Americans Doing the Extraordinary - Sarah Palin, CPAC

CPAC 2015 concludes a whirlwind speaking and media circuit that began on February 12 in Houston, TX. Sarah Palin will be returning to Alaska to greet her husband, Todd in Fairbanks when the Iron Dog Race finishes up on Saturday. Team 11 – Palin and Huntington are currently in 10th place and departed Nome, the halfway point at 4 PM EST.

Sarah Palin Sightings at CPAC

A number of lucky people got to see Sarah Palin at the Gaylord lobby bar last night and in VIP sessions….


H/T M. Joseph Sheppard, Palin for President 2016



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  • Please committ to run for President in 2016.

  • Please committ to run for President in 2016.

  • She did great, a very meaningful talk!

  • She did great, a very meaningful talk!

  • Love Sarah she loves America and love the Vets.

  • Love Sarah she loves America and love the Vets.

  • extraordinary speech

  • PALIN for PRESIDENT 2016! Amen

  • janzak3

    Comment by Janice Meek 1 second ago
    Sarah, your speech at CPAC today on the Veterans was fantastic and right on. You blew it out of the park to your audience I heard and listened to every word you said. I want to add that you looked great, your hair was stunning and great glasses too. You looked very presidential. It appears that your audience did NOT want you to leave the stage, and I cannot blame them. Everyone loves you and what you stand for. We are standing behind you and pushing you along to do greater things.

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