Trump Wins Because Voters Want Their Country Back


Trump Wins Because Voters Want Their Country Back

Trump is winning because voters want their country back, former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin said today at the Western Conservative Summit. She referenced a bumper sticker on the back of her father’s car which says, “I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican, I’m an American.” She said Americans sought and found a revolutionary in Donald Trump who easily defeated a primary field of 16 candidates. Trump is not beholden to the special interests and crony capitalists. He is not cuffed by the politically correct police, she said.

Eight years ago, Sarah Palin warned Obama’s fundamental transformation of America would “take more from you and make the world a more dangerous place.”

Voters are sick of corporate backed slick politicians who campaign one way and govern another – almost always against the interest of the people. They chose not one of the 16, but boarded the #TrumpTrain. They come from all persuasions. The Donald has brought many Independents and cross-over Democrats – like Reagan did over 30 years ago. He shattered voter turn-out records. For example New York State had a 33% primary turnout this election versus less than 6% for 2012.

Critics Know Nothing About Conservatism

So-called conservatives backing Hillary exposed the establishment’s con game. It doesn’t matter which side wins an election as long as the power brokers keep their power.

What do the critics who cry that “Trump is not conservative enough” know about common-sense conservatism, she asked rhetorically.

    “What does handing Obama a blank check to run up trillion-dollar deficits with no end in sight, and pushing endless wars with no path to victory, and inviting millions of un-vetted illegals through our Swiss cheese borders to replace American workers, and wanting amnesty for millions of new Democrat voters – what’s that got to do with conservatism?”

She called the establishment “profiles in pudding,” adding, “they bent over for those things.”

Beautiful day in the Rocky Mountain state!

Following her speech, Sarah Palin got to meet with U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn, who she endorsed, and who won his primary earlier in the week.

Wow! Finally got to spend time with Colorado’s next US Senator – the GOP Primary winner Darryl Glenn!

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  • I think she has lost her mind. She knows Trump is a liar and fraud as well as we do. She fought this hard for Ted Cruz a few years ago. Cruz didn’t change, she did.

    • The times have changed and Cruz didn’t, as you said. Trump is the best option we have and I, among many others, believe and agree with his stated intents. I supported Cruz until his “better than thou” attitudes and lies sent me elsewhere.

    • Get over it. Cruz is not the nominee. Cruz lied – many times about many things. We’re not going to rehash and re-litigate the primaries, her endorsement, or the endorsements of numerous top flight conservatives who also backed Trump.

  • The times demand Donald Trump. Senator Cruz is needed in the Senate now. Not his time yet,Sarah Palin understands all this. She has clear vision.