We Have Enough Candidates – Sarah Palin Agrees w/ Mark Levin


We Have Enough Candidates

“I think we have enough candidates,” Sarah Palin tonight said on the Mark Levin show. The field now stands at 17. “I respect those who have gone through the fire. That is part of the appeal for me with Trump. He is speaking truth. He, having built himself up. I respect that. I think your listeners who helped win the Senate are fed up with the status quo. We’re fed up, and we’re going to do our own homework.”

She continued, “we win back the Senate. We sent them to go do a job and nothing changes. They got in line and voted for ObamaTrade. They blow the opportunities. In the real world, in the private sector, you can’t get away with that. You’re canned. You’re gone.”

“I think Ted Cruz is great. I’m very grateful for him having taking a stand on ObamaCare and many other issues. We had opportunities provided the Republicans – working so hard to get them elected – to see collectively they are not doing anything to undo what Obama has done,” she said.

“All these candidates knock the crap out of each other” – and a RINO gets in, she said. “We have a namby pamby go-along-to-get-along Republican Party. We have to change the Republican Party from the top down.”

We Have Enough Candidates - Sarah Palin tells Mark Levin

Sarah Palin told Mark Levin we have enough candidates, she loves her freedom and is not sure what office she would run for in the future.

I Love my Freedom

“I love my freedom right now. It’s heavenly not have to do an interview with somebody I don’t want to do an interview,” she said.

Following up to her earlier “we have enough candidates,” Sarah Palin said. “I don’t know what position it would be if I were to run. In the meantime I want to help conservatives get elected. Government has too quickly become a burden on every aspect of our lives.”

“We have to speak positively of each of the candidates,” she said, as she praised Scott Walker next. “What a soul – taking on the public unions….Walker is a great example of doing what it takes,” she said. She had endorsed Walker and his Lieutenant Governor for their recall election and famously yelled, “fight like a girl,” as Andrew Breitbart told the public unions and hecklers to “go to Hell!”

“It’s real deflating when those we elect don’t do what we elect them to do, but we can’t lose hope. There is a lot of hope in the candidates. We have to unify behind he or she who represents conservative values. Remember, no candidate is perfect.”

Sarah Palin directed people to contact her at SarahPAC, which is in the midst of an endorsement blitz.



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  • Ima Lindatoo

    That’s your takeaway from her interview with Levin? lol Wow. And it was Mark Levin who asked, “don’t you think we have enough candidates” and she laughed, “yeah, what 17” SHe did not say that as your title eludes.

    How about substance of what she said. Instead of a GOTCHA headline that isn’t even true? That even though we elected these Senators, they’re not doing what we sent them there for. That we need to make the changes from the top.

    We’re there waiting for you Sarah!

    • We stand by our headline and synopsis as it was written, which captured direct quotes from Sarah Palin. The yes acknowledgement to Levin’s question is an affirmation, an agreement, and is as good as if she said it herself. She agrees there are enough candidates running for President.

      Her quotes about Senators, making changes from the top are in the story, and the audio transcript is there. “Changes from the top” in the context of which she said it refers to the Republican Party machine, not the office of the President. The party machine is corrupted beyond belief, a point, you would likely agree on.

      She also said, “I enjoy my freedom,” and closed the subject of her own running for office with: “I don’t know what position it would be if I were to run. In the meantime I want to help conservatives get elected.”

      We’ve seen the SarahPAC video yet to be released publicly in which says very clearly her mission is to campaign for others. Her now closed Channel redirects to SarahPAC. The PAC is not a campaign for office. It’s set up to endorse and campaign for others, as it has for over six years now.

      If she were to make a yes decision today on a run, a launch would not happen until the end of the year. By then it will be way too late. She will have missed over half the debates and will start missing signature filing deadlines. A yes decision would have had to have been made months ago for a run to happen now. Launching a Presidential campaign is like turning a ship in the ocean.

      All 17 candidates – including Trump with his $10 billion net worth – started prepping in January or even earlier. Any announcement by any candidate or potential candidate of a decision to run or not is the embodiment of a decision made many months before. That’s the way it works, and Sarah Palin is not exempt from that. If a week out of the first debate, she enjoys her freedom, feels there are enough candidates in the field, and does not know what office she would run for in the future, she very clearly has no intention of running for President now. Add in all her inaction on a run these past eight months.

      Her words were perfectly clear. She intends to campaign for others via SarahPAC. US for Palin is moving forward with supporting her on that basis. If and when she chooses to run for office, we’ll go on a campaign footing.

  • Bill__Hughes

    Totally agree with your coverage, Ron. The Sarah Palin groupies on social media only hurt her cause. They claim each wink or nod of the head is a sign that Sarah is running. There is a secret campaign going on that only they can sense and if you can’t sense it, it is because you are a RINO or a sellout.

    After 2012, most of us were devastated because we also thought everything was a sign and thought she would run. She didn’t.

    I always come back to her comments after the Palin-world imploded in 2011 when she said, “you trust me to run the country, but not to make decisions in the best interest of my family.” That changed everything for me.

    I think she would be an incredible candidate and I would love to see her as POTUS. I also know that she’s helped shape the debate and elect a number of great people all while preserving the proper balance with her family.

    But for people to still be splitting hairs and claiming “she didn’t actually say she wasn’t running” after that interview, I would suggest a few things:

    1. She agreed with Mark Levin that we had enough candidates. So if you think she’s secretly running, then she’s a liar. Some on other sites tried to say she just batted that question from Mark away. She didn’t. She agreed.

    2. Mark Levin is not shutting her out of the race. He is a friend of hers and would love nothing more than for her to run.

    3. She specifically said she loves her freedom right now and that she doesn’t have to do interviews with people she doesn’t like.

    4. She said that “someday” she would run for an office, but didn’t know when that would be. In order to credibly run in 2016, she would need to start now. She needs money and she needs to un-do the damage of “she’s an idiot.” So many conservatives like her, but don’t see her as POTUS material. She has work to do to prove them wrong. That can only be done by her excellent in person campaigning. She’s not doing that. Ask Fred Thompson how smart it is to wait until late fall to get into the race.

    5. She declaratively said she was going to focus on getting conservatives elected via SarahPAC. In fact, when Mark asked where people could connect with her, she didn’t say Facebook, SPC or Twitter. She said SarahPAC. I would refer anyone to your previous post on what that means for a POTUS run.

    6. Has Joe Lieberman said he’s not running? Has Bob Dole? Sarah Palin was the VP candidate in 2008. She resigned from political office in 2009. That’s 6 years ago. The only reason people even asked her was because she said in January that she was considering it. She hasn’t said anything like that since. She doesn’t have to declare that she’s not running definitively because most stable people will understand that when she plainly says in an interview that she’s focused on working through SarahPAC to elect conservatives that means that she’s not running.

    7. She also told Mark that she wants to talk up the good qualities of some candidates like Cruz, Trump and Walker. She said she will do her homework and agreed that we need to unite at some point.

    8. Anyone who claims to support Sarah Palin but then uses social media to demand that she run for POTUS because they think she should, or smearing her PAC and refusing to donate, or insulting her any time it looks like she isn’t running is both unstable and a cult-like political zombie akin to Obama voters. Sarah Palin is amazing, but she is not deity and she is not the only person who could save our nation. All these folks are doing is diminishing her standing in political circles by revealing her supporters to be cultists and mentally unstable. It also weakens her because SarahPAC gets less money and she can support less candidates.

    I would love for Sarah to run someday, but I’ve accepted that she isn’t interested in that at this time. I’m vetting the candidates now and am very excited about a few of them.

    Thanks for your common sense coverage of Sarah and constitutional conservatives!

    • Thank you, Bill. Spot on.

    • Firelight


    • catfish198

      In spite of the fact I`d love for her to run,she`s not interested.Its so obvious that she doesn`t even think it`s necessary to announce she`s not as she did in 2011.However I think she should to let her true believers down gently and allow them to move on.She`s risking political damage if she doesn`t.As Ron says your comment is dead on.

  • jerseyflash

    If this was a title to a book….it would be fiction !!!!!……”I think we have enough candidates” at 28 seconds of the broadcast ….a quote from Lavin NOT Sarah Palin
    Second paragraph….”In the real world in the “PRIVATE SECTOR” you can’t get away with that. You’re canned !!!!….You’re gone !!!!
    “We have to change the Repo Party from the top down”…..REALLY ????…..I see a lot of good people, I don’t see a leader……EVERYBODY can talk the talk……show me (cause I’m been watching this show for the past 6.6 yrs) someone that can and has proven that they can walk the walk…………anybody’s name come to mind ????….look in the mirror Sarah Palin…..the person looking back at you is tell you that you and only you can make a difference…
    The players that you worked so HARD to get into office…..need a leader…..the two leaders that they have…can’t lead a horse to water………..
    Sarah Palin should listen to her Sept 3rd 2008 VP acceptance speech……would you say the same thing today if you were nominated for POTUS…..what would you say different or add ????????????
    Let’s talk about “I enjoy my freedom”……I don’t need a “TITLE” to get things done……think again Sarah……you tried being Ms Nice girl…..were has it gotten this country’s GREATNESS ???????
    Let’s look at “I don’t need a title to get things done”…….
    TWICE elected to city council (92 and 95) “I entered politics because I was “CONCERNED” that revenue from the new sales tax would not be spent wisely……
    You should have elaborated more on “WHY”
    In 1996 Sarah Palin ran for Mayor on a platform of “Fresh ideas and energy” and was re-elected a second…could not serve a third term because of term limits…..Sarah won all of her elections in what you would call a landslide !!!!!
    The only Governor in the country to carry a 80% plus approval rating……
    Sarah Palin writes a book “Going Rogue”…….I think she is watching “The Donald” going Rogue and how the voters are reacting…….he is saying what EVERYBODY that sits at the breakfast or diner table EVERYDAY is talking about………
    Go back and listen to your speech….re-read your book…….then step up to the plate with your “BIG GIRL PANTS” on………go after what is yours Sarah Palin !!!!!!!!
    Palin “45” “Trust and Truth”……………you betcha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS devitor………..I’m still waiting for my “We need a hero” (Joan of Arc) comment that was pulled and then re-issued by “YOU”……..nothing yet !!!!!!!!!

    • It was posted back to the page on which you originally posted it.

      • jerseyflash

        I NEVER asked about my comments in PENDING or DELETED !!!!!
        What I did ask after much waiting and comments that we both discussed some time ago is…WERE IS MY JOAN OF ARC comment……
        You never notified me…that you “posted it back to the org. posting”
        Do you have the “AUTHORITY” to DELETE or put comments in PENDING ????
        When my comment was put in PENDING….you had said that it was a glitch in DISQUS……so I contacted DISQUS…..they looked up the comment and date….and said….if you want to read between the lines of their comment to me…..”IT SOUNDSD LIKE AN INSIDE JOB ” !!!
        So a simple question (YES or NO)…do you have the authority to put a comment into pending or delete status ?????

        • I did not put your comment on pending and nothing of yours is pending. If I failed to notify you I’m sorry. I thought I made notification in my response.

          Deletes and bans are under my authority, yes. Nothing of yours was ever deleted and you’re still here so you’re definitely not banned.

          • JerseyFlash,

            I fixed it. I had a conflicting setting in WordPress where comments after 14 days were closed and this was site-wide….so Disqus stopped loading – PERIOD – 14 days after the article. I turned that setting off.

            The thread now loads and your comment is there….


  • Firelight

    In the past Sarah has always said there will be more people enter the race and that we still have time. In this interview, she said none of those things. Instead, she agreed with Mark that we have enough candidates and snarked that we are currently at 17. She also says toward the end that we have good candidates. She normally doesn’t say that.

    While I can’t say what she means with these comments, I can say that they are a departure from her usual verbage and they are not the usual comments made by someone who is planning to run.

  • Eliahu Levenson

    “I think we have enough candidates,” Sarah Palin tonight said on the Mark Levin show.”
    Sarah Palin did not use those words. Mark Levin did. Listen to the interview. Sarah answered with a quick, “17, I think it is, yeah,” sluffed it off like a meaningless throw out line, and moved immediately to a different subject. Perhaps she will not enter, but she was trapped by Levin into giving some kind of an answer, and her denial was politically expedient, not heartfelt. Sarah will be watching to see how things develop, and if the conditions change, which is very possible, we will see what she does.
    We should also note that Sarah continues to only say good things about the candidates. If she has any negatives to say, it is kept general without pointing at specific people. If she comes in, there will be no cause for the other candidates to be vengeful.

    • The headline and synopsis have been updated to reflect Levin saying it and Sarah agreeing.

  • Richard Oberlander

    We don’t have enough candidates because only a couple of them are electable, as evidenced by the single digit poll numbers of all the others.