When I said “No Matter What,” I Meant It


Governor Palin:

I pledged to you in private correspondence, on this site, and in conversation that I would support and respect you no matter what path you choose – you are the pilot in command of your destiny. I meant it then, and I mean it now. My support was never conditioned on you running. I will always have your back; I will always guard your wings.

I trust in your decision-making process. A track record of nearly 100% is hard to beat. I know you had good reasons to not run – reasons that only you and your family are privy to – reasons that may become public, or may die with you.

Rest assured that US for Palin will always be here for you and your family. I will always be there as long I’m still alive and healthy.

Yes, I’ll vote for whoever the GOP nominee is, but that will be the extent of my support of any of them. Great leaders come along only once in a lifetime, maybe two. When I need leadership and inspiration, I’ll continue looking to Wasilla, not Washington, DC, and not to any of these 2012 candidates.

You have my complete and unconditional support. Always.

My compass is set to 340.

I await your orders.

Editor and Publisher, US for Palin; LAN Infrastructure PM; IFR PPL; fishing, shooting.

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  • Ron,

    You are a trooper.

    This is a disappointing, difficult time.

    I too will always have Sarah’s back.

    She has inspired me to stand up and not back down. That is a gift she gave to me.

    I give back to her with loyalty she has earned.

    I feel no urge to now do for others, that which I have done for Sarah.

    My plan to vote merely to deny Obama and Socialist local, state, and federal office seekers the power they have or want to have.

    With regards to pundits and Hollywood types who have relentlessly attacked Sarah, thus all of us, I keep score and speak out against them and deny these socialists and GOP backstabbers every dollar I can that would otherwise come their way. They hurt her. They hurt all of us. For that there are just and due political penalties. I wont stop…. ever.


    Conservative Attack Kitty

  • Sharon Clark

    I will be writing Sarah Palin in 2012 ballot!