Where Were You When? Two Election Cycles On


John McCain introduced former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the world stage eight years ago today. The significance of this milestone is two election cycles have come and gone. This year is also 10 years since Sarah Palin took office as Alaska’s governor.

As is our tradition, we pause to remember this moment at 12:27 PM EDT, when the world discovered Palin Power. “The world shook, the world trembled,” as John McCain made history by choosing the first Republican woman to run for VP.

Unknown except to her own circle and some of the cognoscente, this is the moment she became an household name. During her speech and for at least an hour after, the entire Internet was not accessible in many locations.

Gov. Palin divided our calendars and changed our lives from the moment her name was uttered that summer afternoon. As you can see in my story, many of us fell and we fell hard.

The Last Eight Years

The night McCain-Palin lost to Obama-Biden, Palinistas began gearing up for “Palin 2012.” Like Michael Reagan, we saw in her the embodiment of Ronald Reagan. We were certain she was carrying his torch, and that was reflected in the imagery of the time.

LIVE - Gov Palin Closes Western Conservative Summit

As Governor, she overhauled her state’s tax system leaving it with a $16 billion surplus; reformed ethics laws; and set the administrative framework for a large diameter gas line from the North Slope to Canada.

All her work was undone by two successive administrations. Today, Alaska has a $4 billion deficit. That’s right – the state squandered the surplus built in the Palin years plus $4 billion more – $20 billion all told. The gas line was scuttled. The era of Corrupt Bastards Club 2.0 is in full swing. Four pieces of human waste drove Sarah Palin out of office by abusing her ethics law. Aside from her political career and legacy, the state lost $20 billion and counting, and the entire nation pays more for natural gas by not having her gas line. Actions have consequences.

Even so, Sarah Palin was indeed on a strong pre-campaign footing for a 2012 run, having hired a chief of staff and a foreign policy adviser, but on October 5, 2011, she announced she was not running. Mitt Romney went on to be the 2012 Republican nominee, and lose to Obama and Biden.

Though Sarah Palin expressed “serious interest” in a 2016 run, she never was on a pre-campaign footing this time around. She endorsed Donald Trump on January 19, 2016. Having defeated 16 candidates and bringing in millions of Democrats and Independents, it’s Trump who now carries Reagan’s torch – and Sarah Palin was the forerunner who laid much of the groundwork. History is repeating itself as we see TrumpoCrats’ ranks swell just like the Reagan Democrats of 36 years ago.

In these eight years, Sarah Palin wrote four books, hosted two miniseries, was the subject of a feature movie, and was a Fox News contributor. She had an aggressive speaking schedule that took her all over the world, and her One Nation Bus Tour took her all over the NorthEast and MidWest.

The past two years took their toll on Sarah Palin. It started on a September night in 2014 when her family was set upon by thugs at a party – and justice was not served. She described 2015 as her hardest year in Sweet Freedom. Fox News contributing came to an end; there is no speaking circuit to speak of now. This year, her husband, Todd suffered major injuries in a near-fatal snowmachine wreck and is recovering. Just yesterday, she posted photos from an accident she had while rock running. Fortunately, this was just a flesh wound, though it will likely take several weeks to heal. Sarah Palin has pulled back in many ways. Today, in the main, she is focusing on family life.

Present and Future

We don’t know if Sarah Palin is reloading or she will continue on her current path. Once the election is over, we should have a better idea. But for the immediate term, this is what it is. We have to live in reality and let Sarah Palin write her own narrative. Nothing good ever came out of our community writing her narrative for her and trying to foist it on her.

We still get many comments bemoaning her not running for President. If Trump wins and does well, quite frankly, the talk of “Palin 20xx” needs to cease for the following eight years. As a community, we’ll truly beclown ourselves if we continue that rhetoric following a Trump victory. If Trump loses, and we lose SCOTUS, we’ll be in such bad shape that it won’t matter anymore. Bear in mind that Trump has 1,000 times Sarah Palin’s financial net worth, and Presidential runs require big money.

We need to focus on winning and stop pining away over Palin “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve run for the Presidency.” She didn’t run. She won’t primary Trump if he wins, serves and does well. Sarah Palin was able to recognize that running for the Vice Presidency was not the vehicle to set her record straight. She had the objective ego enough to recuse herself and was not going to have Trump sacrifice himself on the altar of her own political career. She said herself the day she left office: “politically if I die, I die.” She’s always put country first.

Seasons and Self-Actualization

These two election cycles and the 10 years that passed since she first took office were a season. This season with Sarah Palin has ended. Our Lynda Armstrong will write about reasons, seasons, and lifetimes later today.

That said, reader interest in Sarah Palin remains very strong. Our August 19 highlight garnered just short of 500 Facebook likes. It was just a routine weekly highlight. We only shared it to our page, three groups and a personal timeline and no money was spent. For someone who’s been written off as irrelevant that’s not too shabby. We know rumors of her political death have been exaggerated umpteen times.

We don’t know if Sarah Palin has already achieved her highest purpose or is yet to do it. Sarah Palin’s narrative is hers to write. It’s up to her to open her own doors to the future as she wants to live it. She needs to self-actualize on her terms.

We look to the past – to learn from it. But we can’t live there. We live in the present, applying the lessons of the past and keep our vision forward into the future.

As long as she – and our readers – still want it, we’ll be there supporting what she does as she chooses to do it in this new season of Sarah Palin.

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