Why not Newt?


Ed. Note: Palinistas should pay particular attention to the Scozzafava item. Gov. Palin backed Hoffman and Gingrich worked against her. For this and the six other reasons Pamela Geller delineates, Gingrich is absolutely not a Reagan Conservative.

Here’s why not.

Off the top of my head, I can think of seven good reasons — Dr Nancy was invaluable here:

First, the discouraging of our military involvement in the Middle East with a Republican president (Bush). As early as December 2003, Gingrich told Newsweek, “Americans can’t win in Iraq.”

2) Fawning over Bill Clinton’s political skills and oratory, something he’s a student of and an enthusiast, to the point where he ceded the debate and our interests.

3) Bonding with Hillary, and thus more pandering.

NY Times (2005) Mr. Gingrich, the former House speaker, has been working alongside the former first lady on a number of issues, and even appeared with her at a press conference on Wednesday to promote – of all things – health-care legislation.

But more puzzling than that, Mr. Gingrich has been talking up Mrs. Clinton’s presidential prospects in 2008, to the chagrin of conservative loyalists who once regarded him as a heroic figure. Last month, he even suggested she might capture the presidency, saying “any Republican who thinks she’s going to be easy to beat has a total amnesia about the history of the Clintons.”

4) Gingrich fully backed liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava in the 2009 upstate New York congressional race over preferred Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman. Then she dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat, Bill Owens, right before Election Day. Owens won. Newt helped make that happen.

Gingrich supported a candidate over the more conservative favorite that Sarah Palin supported, because he’s always concerned about how he looks politically. So this one is “How he looks is more important than political convictions,” which was most evidenced by turning his back on what he’d fought for to get better treatment by the press — by pandering, writing “Lessons Learned The Hard Way,” saying the media was right and he was wrong, basically with his tail between his legs, selling out the rest of us, whose views he represented.

5) Gingrich ripped Paul Ryan’s plan as “radical change,” “right-wing social engineering,” and just “too big a jump.”

6) A personal failing and of great importance to me: you don’t have to be morally impeccable, but to talk the talk you have to walk the walk to some extent. He was criticized for leaving his wife with cancer to the point of coming to the hospital to have her sign the papers, and how cold that was. But the defense that was she was probably sick a long time with a lot of hospital time, and he should probably get divorced because he married his high school teacher, his first taste of mature female relationship — and if anyone took advantage of anyone else it was her, power vacuum or gradient, whatever, with him being 17 and her 24 to begin with. And yeah, they had kids, but lots of men divorce with kids at vulnerable ages. Why, he was no more than a child himself when it began, BUT he then married the love of his life, Marianne, was with her for years and they didn’t have children, so talk about a relationship staying fresh. And she basically revealed she was blindsided when he left her for a 35 year old assistant he’d been having an affair with and later married (Calista Bisek.) He is morally weak, which is why he didn’t mind Bill’s weakness and looked up to him, but the point is, if he can’t be trusted to keep his vow and obligation to anyone, then why do we need him in a position of trust?

And one last thing: Newt canceled on our Ground Zero mosque protest on September 11, when it started to get hawt. He confirmed more than once and then slithered out — copping some sad plea about a staffer mix-up. He promised a video and then wussied out. Newt has become that kind of poll-driven phony, but that’s no surprise, cuz the morally impoverished erode over time, they are not wedded to convictions.

No Newt for me. But he would make a GOP president an excellent press secretary.

Of course if he gets the nominee nod, I shall back him with the heat of 10,000 suns. Anyone but Obama (save Ron Paul, that is.)

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