Winning Sarah Palin Supporters on a trip to Washington D.C.



You never know when Sarah Palin is going to come up as the subject of conversation. My journey started in San Antonio, TX on my way to Houston to catch a Southwest flight to Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C. Security check in was “fun.” My wallet was lost for bit, but later found. My credit cards were safe but my cash was gone. I boarded the flight, found a really good seat and settled in.

A nice lady about my age – and I am old – took the seat next to me she was from New Jersey and seem very happy that Steve Lonegan lost. A three-hour conversation began when she said, “I bet Sarah Palin is not a happy camper tonight. I just really don’t like her or have much respect for her.” Well anyone who knows me knows there is no way someone is going to get away with saying anything like that about Sarah.

Politely , I asked “why do dislike Sarah Palin?” I got all the shop-worn talking point answers we have heard: “she is not very smart, she is not ready for prime time, she knows nothing about national politics, what did she do for the state of Alaska?” and so on. Then, she asked if I read the book Game Change. Wow. “Where?” I asked myself… “where do I start?”

I started with Game Change, telling her most of what had been written in the book was lies, and as for the HBO show, the people who were with Sarah on the campaign trail and on her plane had stood up and said, “none of it was true.”

She asked me a lot about Sarah as a governor. I told about Sarah’s Accomplishments. She asked if I could explain why Sarah resigned as Governor of Alaska . I did my best to explain about all of the frivolous ethics complaints such as, wearing the Arctic Cat jacket, holding a fish, answering a reporter’s question as she was going into her office. I told her about the volume of Freedom of Information Act requests. I told her that the situation reached a critical mass where Sarah could no longer govern because her office was tied up handling this nonsens. I explained that she was personally responsible for defending herself against these complaints. Sarah and her husband were $500,000 in debt. Sarah said she could not handle how her team and the people of Alaska were being hurt. With a servant’s heart, she stepped away.

At this point we had been talking almost three hours.

Did I change her feelings about Sarah? Most likely. I started with a lady who had said, “I really do not like her and really do not respect or understand her,” and ended with a lady saying, “Wow! I misjudged her. I will read Going Rogue and Our Sarah….and put down Game Change…and then she did something really funny. She asked, “could you get me a picture of Sarah signed to Carole.”

I remember crossing the Rubican with Sarah over five years ago. I, like many of you still stand in the wet sands, defending her, honoring her, knowing she is the lady with servant’s heart.

Sarah would come up again as my journey progressed.

To be Continued….

  • Way to go Lynda Armstrong

  • AWESOME story!!!

  • One more mind changed!! Wooo Hoooooo….

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  • LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful story.

  • Misty

    I really admire you! Sorry about your money being stolen!

  • Dennis McHale

    I find it interesting that most people are not aware that the BOOK ‘Game Change’, for the most part, did not speak poorly of Sarah. Not one piece of dialogue that was in the HBO Movie existed in the book. The Movie was made up out of whole cloth. In fact, in the book Palin so shook up the Obama Campaign that they referred to her as the “Palin Effect”, and they were in a Crises Mode having fallen behind in the polls. It was not until Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and it became clear from that moment that the race was over, when McCain/Palin were actually ahead by four points. I you go to page 378, you might start to understand that the election might have been rigged, but that is for another time.

  • Nice Job Lynda!! WTG!!!